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 ====== Pervasive 3012 Error ====== ====== Pervasive 3012 Error ======
-A Pervasive 3012 error occurs when Windward cannot connect to the Pervasive database.  Specifically, a Pervasive "engine" runs on a computer where your System Five data files are located.  The two events listed below will occur that prevent Pervasive communications: +See [[]]
- +
-  - Pervasive on the client cannot connect to the server. +
-  - The Pervasive engine on the server is stopped or not loaded. +
- +
-===== Check network connectivity between Client and Server ===== +
- +
-Windward System Five uses a mapped network drive connection in order to communicate data between the client and the server.  A share is set up on the server, usually, a folder named Windward which contains System5\Data where Data is your company dataset. +
- +
-In Windows, the Map Network Drive function is used and a network drive is set to the drive letter W with the server path as "\\server\Windward" An easy troubleshooting step is to determine if the mapped drive will open.  If the mapped drive does not open, then the computer network will need to be checked. +
- +
-The following link is to a networking best practices document that will assist in explaining Windows networking setups.  +
- +
-  * [[:faq:windows_networking_best_practices|Networking Best Practices]] +
- +
-A ping test can be run to determine if the server is responding to requests across the networkThe link below will show a demonstration of the ping test. +
- +
-  * [[ping_test|Performing a Ping Test]] +
- +
-All versions of Pervasive come with a diagnostic tool called "Pervasive System Analyzer" When the test operates correctly we will see 75 test messages sent via TCP/IP to the server computer.  The link below will demonstrate how to use the Pervasive System Analyzer. +
- +
-  * [[pervasive_system_analyzer_network|Pervasive System Analyzer network test]]  +
- +
-All windows computers have host file that will set a server name to a network address.  This file will need to be reviewed for correctness.  A standard windows network should run Pervasive without any entries in the host file. +
- +
-  * [[host_file_settings|Reviewing the Windows host file]] +
- +
-===== Check to ensure Pervasive Engine is running on the Server ===== +
- +
-The Pervasive Engine on the server needs to be running or all workstations will receive the 3012 error.  The following link will demonstrate the steps to locate the Pervasive service on the server. +
- +
-  * [[locate_pervasive_server|Locating and starting the Pervasive server]] +
- +
- +
-===== Troubleshooting tips for Pervasive 3012 error ===== +
- +
-  * Verify the server can be pinged by server name using the [[ping_test|ping test]]. +
-  * Check that mapped network drive connections to the server open without error.   +
-  * Verify the Pervasive server is running on the server if the above network tests pass. +
-  * [[:faq:Troubleshooting Pervasive 3012 3014 errors using FSCAN]] +
-  * Ensure all computers have your Local Area Network (LAN) network addresses +
-  * Ensure your LAN supports the TCP/IP protocol. +
-  * Review security software on clients and servers to ensure Pervasive is not blocked. +
-  * Turn off software intrusion detection or add Pervasive to the trusted software list. +
-  * Verify firewall ports: [[Firewall Port Settings for Pervasive]] +
-  * Disable your firewall for both server or client for a moment to check if the status 3012 is caused by firewall settings+
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