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Access Denied


This Error Message will display if your Windows computer does not have the XML files required by your Windward Software. It can also be displayed if the XML files have been re-registered to a path where the current user does not have access. MSXML files should always be registered to the default Windows folder \windows\system32

Detailed Problem Solution

If you receive the Access Denied error logging into System Five through a terminal services session, and you are logged in as a standard user, try logging into Terminal services as an administrative user and then start System Five. An administrative user will have access to XML files regardless of where they are registered. Once logged into System Five, click on the top menu option HELP and then choose ABOUT. Scroll to the bottom of the list and see where and if XML4 is installed.


NOTE : These Steps may not work with Windows Server 2008 32 or 64 bit. For 2008 Server, you may only need to install by right clicking on the installation package and clicking on run as administrator. This version of Windows also may require a newer version of XML, which will need to be downloaded from Microsoft's web site.

Please go to this link: to install the appropriate XML components. Remember you need to be logged into your computer as an administrator to be allowed to install programs.


On the server running Terminal Services, it may be necessary to first change to “Install Mode” by opening a CMD prompt and typing:

change user /install (hit the enter key)

Then install the setupxml.exe by choosing “Add/Remove Programs” and selecting the setupxml.exe file

Once installed, change back to “Application Mode” by opening a CMD prompt and typing:

change user /execute (hit the enter key)

The above steps will need to be run in Windows Server 2008, with one exception. Add and Remove Programs is no longer available in the Control Panel. It has been replaced by Remove software. Instead of running the program from there, you must now use explorer or My Computer to browse for the folder to which you downloaded the setupxml.exe

Re-Registering If XML4 is installed and registered, but not registered in the \windows\system32 directory, the following action may need to be performed:

As an Administrator:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Change to the directory where XML4 is registered.

3. Type the command “REGSVR32 /U MSXML4.dll” (enter). You will be notified that MSXML4 has been successfully un-registered.

4. Change directory to c:\windows\system32.

5. Type the command “REGSVR32 MSXML4.dll” (enter).

You will be presented with the message that MSXML4 was successfully registered.

Created by Steve Wind May 21 2010

Updated by Steve Wind Oct 18 2010


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