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Setting up the Application Server for Gun Shops


  1. Pervasive SQL Database version 11 or greater.
  2. System Five installed and connected to the dataset.
  3. System Five Application Server and the System Five Document Server installed.
  4. Connection to a printer.
  5. Google Chrome must be installed on the machines that will access the Web App.

SERVER Installation Steps

Ensure that both System5 and S5appserver are on the same versions
  • Run “S5AppServerSetup.exe”
  • Point the installation files to the System5 bin folder.

The application server installer works the same as any other installers, it will automatically look for the “bin” folder.
  • It also do not create a “Trainingbin” folder like the System5 installer
  • Avoid copying the installation files from the live to training or vice versa. Make sure to do a separate install for both.
  • You can also create a separate folder for the AppServer installation files if you don't want to install directly on the bin folders.
  • Include “S5 Document Server” during the installation process because this is a required “APP” for the gun shop forms.
  • Select “Entire Feature will be installed on the local hard drive” and proceed until finish

  • Go to the installation directory (wherever you have it installed) and create a shortcut for both the “S5appserver” & “S5Documentserver”
The S5DocumentServer executable file will be inside the folder called “s5DocumentServer”.

S5 Application Server Setup and Configuration

  • Launch the Application Server shortcut and switch to the “General Settings” tab
  • Set the Port Number field (I am just using the default port number=211 because it works fine)
  • Click on “Add Database” button and select the DSN Database. Then click on “CONNECT” button

  • Switch to “Server Connections” tab and click on “STOP” button

Mobile Listening Port (212) This is the port number used to access the webapp. You can use other port numbers here just make sure that they are not reserved ports or being used by other services or applications.

Legacy Session Timeout (in Minutes) Maximum is 360 minutes

IP Address This is the IP Address of the server or leave it as “LocalHost”

IP Port Default is 1100. Again, I am using the default ports here

  • Click “Start Webservices” Button and go back to the “General Settings” tab
  • Select the DSN you have just added in and click on “Start Database” button
  • Login using your System5 login credentials and minimize
  • Now launch the “S5 Document Server” shortcut
  • Click on START button and also minimize
Notice that the IP Address and PORT number is similar to the “Server Connections” setting from the Application Server App. The DocumentServer will pull up details from the Application Server. see image below

System5 Setting

WebApp Access

As stated above, Google Chrome browser is required. It's not that it wont work using other web browsers but it is HIGHLY recommended to use Chrome.

The fields below only needs to be filled in one's except for the Username and Password. The next time you access the webapp you will only need to type in your login credentials.

This is a needed step to ensure that the setup went well and that you are able to login.

The procedure is divided into 2 parts

  1. The BUYERS form
  2. Then the SELLERS form
First the buyer will fill in the buyer form and once done the seller will then go ahead and also fill in the seller form. Both forms are accessed separately. see image below..

Buyer Form

Seller Form

For EASY ACCESS, we must also create a Shortcut or Bookmarks for both the BUYER and SELLER urls. see imaged below to have an idea how this is done in Google Chrome.

Creating bookmarks

Creating Shortcuts

See Article: E4473 Setup for more details.

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