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AVS Address Verification Service

Most payment processors support address verification service. This service checks that the street address and zip/postal code match the address the credit card company has for a billing address.

AVS information in System Five is submitted to the payment processor when the following conditions are met.

  • card is not present - card was not swiped.
  • Customer is attached to the invoice and customer's address is filled in.

System Five will submit the street address and postal code of the Sold to customer.

If the AVS fails to match an indication is shown in the payment authorization screen.
The transaction is NOT declined, it is the responsibility of the clerk to check the AVS response on the authorization screen and then void the transaction if they suspect that the transaction may be fraudulent.

The following responses are indicated by the payment processor

Address Match, Zip NotPartial Match
Address Match, postal code NotPartial Match
No match on Address or postal codeNo Match
Street Address and Postal Codes MatchesFull Match
Service not supported by non-US issuerNot available
Address not verified for international transactionNot available
Address and postal code matchesFull Match
No match on address or zipNo Match
Postal Code matches, address does notPartial Match
RetryNot available
Service not supported by issuerNot available
Address information is unavailableNot available
9-Digit zip code matches, address does notPartial Match
Exact MatchFull Match
Address and 5-digit zip code matchFull Match
5-Digit zip code matches, address does not'Partial Match

Non full match responses should be verified by another manual method.

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