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New Feature Round-up

Contactless Payments, NFC, Tap and Pay

Contactless payments also known as tap and pay is a form of payment that allows a customer to tap a card or device against your pinpad to pay instead of inserting a card.

There are 2 types of Contactless Payments

  1. MSD or Magnetic Stripe Data. This method simply transmits a copy of the magnetic stripe on the card. It is easily captured and duplicated. It is now being discontinued and merchants will start to receive fines or they will be declined. There are very few of these MSD card in circulation anymore however many older pinpads are not able to accept the newer EMV contactless method.
  2. EMV or Chip Data. This method transmits a sequenced encrypted message to the pinpad and is not duplicatable. EMV contactless was not available when US EMV first rolled out so many older EMV pinpads do not accept EMV contactless.
As of Spring 2022 fines may be imposed by merchants continuing to accept contactless MSD payments.

To be able to continue accepting EMV Contactless:

If you are a using a VX805 pinpad using XPI 8.42 (the version will be displayed when booting up)

  • Must upgrade your pinpad, see list below
  • Must upgrade Netepay Server
  • Must upgrade dsiEMVX and dsiPDCX datacap clients on workstations

If you are a Worldpay IP Client using a VX805 pinpad using XPI 12.11.35 (the version will be displayed when booting up)

  • Might need to upgrade Netepay Server (Contact Worldpay IP)
  • Must upgrade dsiEMVX and dsiPDCX datacap clients on workstations

If you are a supported Contactless EMV pinpad (see below)

  • Might need to upgrade Netepay Server
  • Might need to upgrade dsiEMVX and dsiPDCX datacap clients on workstations

To disable accepting Contactless MSD Payments

If you are using an older version of datacap netepay and an older pinpad and you don't want to continue to accept MSD or EMV contactless payments, then

  • Update Datacap dsiEMVX and dsiPDCX

Supported EMV Contactless Pinpads

  • Ingenico Telium (iSC Touch 250, iSC Touch 480, iSMP4)
  • Ingenico TETRA (Lane/3000, Lane/5000, Lane/7000, Lane/8000, Link/2500)
  • Verifone P400
  • VX 805 running XPI 12.11.35 (WORLDPAY IP ONLY)

Supported Netepay Versions

If you open your netepay server and view the settings if you see the following setting and it is set to EMV then you should be ok providing you have a compatible Pinpad.
Contactless Support:

  • MSD
  • EMV

If you do not see this setting, then you do not have a compatible netepay version.

With the COVID-19 virus many customers want to pay by plastic instead of cash to help stop the spread of the virus. With the raising of the tap limit by major credit cards Windward System Five has followed suit. Using version will allow you to configure your systems tap limit to be greater than $150.

Canadian Contactless

EMV in Canada came out well before contactless was available and most pinpads that accept contactless will only accept the EMV payments.

More Information

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