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Credit Card Swiping on the Verifone SC550, SC5000 and ingenico 3070 (Canadian Merchants)

As of System Five version using a Canadian PIN pad for swiping credit and gift cards is now possible.

To use this feature:

  • Select payment by credit card,
  • when the credit card authorization screen appears, press F10,
  • you will then be prompted on the PINPad to swipe the card.
  • After swiping the card, the credit / gift card will attempt to be authorized.

You can not just swipe the card through the PIN Pad MSR at any time like you can with a separate MSR. Note that the MSR on the PINpad will only return track2, so you will not have the customer's name on the invoice. This is a limitation of the datacap software.

Windward still recommends that you have a separate track1 and track 2 MSR for reading credit cards. Credit Card Merchant agreements require that only clerks verify the security features of the credit card, swipe the credit card, and hold onto the credit card until after the signature has been verified. By having a separate MSR or keyboard MSR you are forcing the clerk to obtain the card. It is also easier to make the sale, as you only have to simply swipe the card, then press F10 to complete the sale.

On versions prior to and SpeedyPOS, Credit card swiping is not supported on Canadian PIN Pads.

Author: arose
Editor: cralph
Last Edited: 26-Sept-2007

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