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New Feature Round-up

Stock Count Routines for v5.41.0.23

In order to properly correct these issues there are a number of Toolbox routines that need to be run after updating from a release version prior to

After updating to Version the following Toolbox Routines need to be run to correct existing data problems:

In the Toolbox, under Inventory Routines > Stock Control Routines

Run the following routines:

  1. Fix PO Received
  2. Fix PO Stock
  3. Fix PO Stock Records
  4. Recalculate Invoice Oversold (Enter the date of the original conversion from 5.35.8 or earlier version - See below 1) )
  5. Verify Non-countable Received Quantities
  6. Fix Returned Serials
  7. Remove Serialized Stock

If Department Transfers and Serial Numbers are in use :

  1. Fix Transferred Serials
  2. Rebuild Transfer Stock Records

Once completed, run the Inventory and Purchases > Inventory > Inventory Reports > Inventory Integrity Report with the following additional item checked:

Fix Inventory Stock Quantities

The ‘Fix Inventory Stock Quantities’ item will recalculate the Stock quantities for all inventory now that the toolbox routines have corrected the stock records.

1) Look in the data folder for a file called ‘stockconvert-detail-YYYYMMDD-HHMM.txt’ the Date and Time of the data original conversion are embedded in the file name.

Author: jdaniels
Editor: arose
Last Edited: 30-Apr-2008

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