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Installing a DELL T200 Receipt Printer

Problem Description

This document should be used if you are doing one of the following:

1)You are installing a DELL T200 receipt printer for the first time.


2) You can not get the DELL T200 slip printer to cut or trigger cash drawer.


3) The DELL T200 printer stops functioning and needs to be power cycled to get it to work.

Detailed Problem Solution

There may be other solutions to the issue, but this was the solution I used and it worked on each computer I set the printer up on. The first thing is to not install the DELL driver. If you have already installed it, don't panic. just uninstall the driver and continue on to the steps below.

Set the driver in windows to Generic Text Only. To do this, go to the Start Button and then open Printers and Faxes.

Click on Add a printer

Click Next

Select Local printer attached to this computer, and select Next.

Select Use the following port, and from the drop down select the port that the printer is attached to. Usually this would be LPT1 for the Parallel Port version, Com1 for the serial port version, or USB001 for the USB version of the printer. The usb version seems to be the most common, as all computers now ship with multiple USB ports, but not many have serial or parallel ports installed any more. Once you have selected the correct port, click next.

In the Manufacturer window select Generic, then under Printers select Generic / Text Only. Click Next to move on to the next screen.

You can leave the printer name as Generic / Text Only, or change it if you wish. I usually leave it as Generic / Text Only, just to keep all the workstations uniform. This just simplifies setting up the invoice tree in System Five, so that all computers will be printing to a receipt printer with the same name. If this is the only printer connected to the workstation, then you can select Yes where it says “Do you want to use this printer as the default printer”. Otherwise click on No. Then click Next

Generally you would not be sharing the receipt printer, so on this screen just click Next.

To ensure that the slip printer is working correctly with the driver you should click on the Yes radial box so that Windows will perform a test print. Click Next.

Click Finish to complete the wizard.

You Should now have a Generic / Text Only driver in your list of Windows printer drivers, and it should have printer a Windows test page.

If it did not print a Windows test page, you may have selected the wrong port and will need to go back and select another port and run the test print again.

Once you have the printer configured so that it is printing a test page, then you need to go back into the printer's properties, and to the Printer commands tab. Click in the End Print Job field and type <07> and click Apply and ok.

In system Five, go to Setup Tools, Printing Options, and Printer Setup.

Select the Generic / Text Only printer, set it to Slip Printer, and the Fast Dot Matrix will be automatically selected. Then in the Select Printer Codes drop down select 8 | Slip Printer.

Now select the Printer Codes tab, and make sure it also is set to 8 | Slip Printer. Select 1 RESET, and in the white box at the bottom of the window enter ESC “?” LF NUL Click on another field (eg.0 NAME) to make sure that the reset field is now showing ESC “?” LF NUL

Select 18 FORMFEED, and in the white box at the bottom of the window enter ESC “d” 0 Select 19 CASH DRAWER 1, and in the white box at the bottom of the window enter BEL. Again click on another field to ensure that both lines have updated with the codes you have just entered. If not try entering them again. If the codes look ok, then click Exit and then exit System Five.

Restart System Five.

Now and make sure that the Generic / Text Only printer driver is attached to the invoice form.

In system Five, go to Setup Tools, Printing Options, and Printer Setup.

Find your slip printer form in the left hand window, then in the right hand window select the printers tab, and then click on the Generic / Text Only Printer, and drag it to the Slip Printer Form.

Click on exit.

Steve Wind Nov 22 / 2010
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