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New Feature Round-up

Desjardins/Monetico Flex Classic

Monetico (previously Desjardins) Flex is a out of scope semi-integrated payment solution for use with Desjardins Canada. Windward System Five version or above is required. Supports EMV, Credit, Debit, Gift / prepaid, private label and Accord'D financing. Semi-integrated payment processing is a Windward Licensed feature. Please contact your Windward Sales representative.

Integration Methods

  • Serial
  • TCP/IP

What is it?

The semi-integrated payment solution allows a point-of-sale system to interact with the payment solution resident in a payment terminal that is distinct from the point-of-sale system. This interaction results in an optimization of the card payment process at the point of sale and a reduction of the errors caused by the double entry of transactional information.

Flex provides an increased level of detachment which alleviates the burden for merchants in meeting the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards. By entrusting the entire payment transaction processing to secure equipment that already meets industry standards, it simplifies the integration with the point-of-sale system and reduces the associated with the exposure of sensitive data such as card holder information.

With Flex, you get a complete range of functionality

The functions* provided to the point-of-sale system by the payment terminal in semi-integrated mode can be grouped into five (5) categories as follows:

  • Online transactions
  • Offline transactions
  • Preauthorization transactions
  • Administrative functions
  • Miscellaneous functions

Online transactions

  • Purchase
  • Purchase with cash back
  • Telephone/mail purchase
  • Refund
  • Cancellation
  • Balance inquiry
  • Accord D financing
  • Prepaid card

Accord D financing

You can automatically offer Desjardins VISA card holders an additional line of credit for Accord D financing at the point of sale. Three types of financing plans are offered:

  • Deferred payment financing (DPF): The client enjoys a grace period before making payment;
  • Financing with payment in equal monthly instalments (EPF): The client makes payments over a

predetermined period;

  • Combined financing (combination of DPF and EPF): The client begins payment after a grace

period and continues payments over a predetermined period.

Prepaid card program

The Flex solution allows for acceptance of a range of prepaid cards that represent an interesting payment solution for your clients:

  • Card with a predetermined value
  • Card without a predetermined value
  • Card with or without an expiry date
  • Card with administration fees

Offline transactions

(Offline mode allows credit transactions to be performed when the Desjardins host is unavailable.)

  • Purchase
  • Telephone/mail purchase
  • Refund
  • Cancellation

Preauthorization transactions

  • Preauthorization
  • Preauthorization completion
  • Preauthorization reversal
  • List of non completed preauthorizations

Administrative functions

  • Batch totals
  • Batch close
  • Transaction list

Miscellaneous functions

  • Payment terminal status
  • Reprinting of last transaction record

Transaction Printing

Transactions can be printed on the i5301 payment terminal or the POS slip printer.
For the iPP320 transactions must be printed on the POS slip printer as the iPP320 does not have a printer. Invoice must be printed on the POS printer.

Integration Manual

This model in this PDF manual is incorrectly identified as the i5310 instead of the i5301.


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