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Documents Button

The enhancement improves the documents feature and extends the invoice screen to include a documents button along the top menu bar. The clients can now quickly import and link documents and have the ability to add the documents directly to the invoice to allow for easier access and upload.

Must be able to install and run 6.2.4.x

The document button can now be seen from the invoice screen and users can easily click this button to access the document window. The user can also further access, import and link items with the import and link buttons placed along the top bar of the document area. A visible exit button along the top bar of the document area additionally saves the customer's time to save and close work after having added all the necessary documents.

To enable this option, in an invoice, select options, invoice options, and attached documents, i n the File menu, select settings and click on the menu option to Show Documents button on the POS. This will then show the documents button on the top toolbar menu.

Note that the option to store PDF documents as PDF instead of OLE is for another customer's PDF filler enhancement as well as a temporary fix to help with cloud PDF viewing. It is not part of the SRS, but can benefit customers using the document feature enhancement.

Jolib Balasabas 2021/01/29 20:10

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