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New Feature Round-up

Upgrading System Five Polling to Current Release

recommend Google Chrome web browser version 89.0.4389.90 or higher

Before You Begin

IMPORTANT You must close the Polling application prior to the update, or the installer won’t be able to overwrite the file with its new version.

The System Five Polling executable must be the same version as System Five. If you are running a different version than the current release, you must contact Windward Software Support to assist with the Polling Upgrade, or you must first upgrade System Five to the current release.

System Five Download instructions

See External Link

Log into Windward Learning Academy at
Your log in name will be your email address.
You may be prompted to enter a code that will either be texted to your phone or emailed to you to verify your access.

Click on System Five Updates on the top of the screen.

This will take you to the main update screen where you can choose which update you wish to install.
This page will only show current release updates. If you require a non-current release (not recommended) you will need to call into Windward Software Support to arrange an appointment for this.
The installer highlighted in yellow would be the main System Five installer. The others are additional System Five modules.

To upgrade to the latest Polling executable, you must already have installed the latest version of System Five.
Once that is done you can continue to install the polling file.
To upgrade the System Five Polling executable, click the Download button next to “System Five Polling Files“.
This will download the zipped file containing S5Poll.exe to your downloads folder.
Open your downloads folder, right click on and select cut from the dropdown.
Now Browse to the bin folder. Usually on a file server this folder will be C:\Windward\System5\bin
Open that folder and paste the file there, overwriting any other file that may exist there.
Rename the existing S5Poll.exe to S5Poll.old.
Right Click on and from the pop up menu select Extract All

in the Extract to Folder, enter C:\Windward\System5\bin\
Or if your copy of System Five is in a different location, click the browse button to browse to your bin folder.
Click the Extract button to continue.

Windows will extract the new S5Poll.exe to your bin folder and the upgrade is complete.

Created by Steve Wind March 24 2021

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