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Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo

Windward Software

Print Two Different Labels to the Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo

The scenario here was to print tickets that could be attached to an item when the customer dropped it off and also print a ticket that the customer can take with them. Essentially Claim Tags. Claim tags would not work with this configuration, nor were we able to easily attach labels to an invoice. This was the only scenario that worked.

Detailed Problem Solution

Set the dymo printer up in windows as two separate printers. Dymo1 and Dymo2. Set label sizes up in both printers (left 30374, right 30252). Went into each printer and set the default label for each (left or right), and saved the settings. Created two separate invoices, and invoice sizes were the sizes of the label. Put the same fields on both invoices (customer name, address, phone number, date, and work order number). Then set each invoice to print to their coresponding printer. saved the labels. Opened the invoice tree, and under workorders we placed workorder form, and set the default printer to it. Then we also placed the Tag1 invoice and Tag2 invoice into workorder in the tree, and attached the coresponding Dymo1 and Dymo2 printers to the Tag1 and Tag2 forms. saved and restarted System Five. went into workorder and told it to print, and it now printed the workorder as well as the two labels.


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