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Ecommerce Integrations Overview

Windward Offers three different types of Ecommerce Integrations so you can find the best fit for you and your business. The three options outlined below are…

  1. Windward/WebSell Integration
  2. Windward WooCommerce Solution
  3. Windward Ecommerce SDK

Windward/WebSell Integration

Windward has partnered with WebSell to provide a solution to connect to a custom site with WebSell and provide a wide range of features and functionality. This Integration provides the greatest functionality of all of Windward's Ecommerce Solutions.


  • Integrates with a custom site from WebSell
  • Many features and add-ons
  • No additional developers are required


  • Will need to make purchases with both Windward and WebSell

Windward WooCommerce Solution

The Windward WooCommerce Solution provides you with a connection to a WooCommerce of your creation and will push product details to the site from System 5 and receive invoices into the Windward Staging Application.


  • Integrates with your WooCommerce site
    • Can be a pre-established WooCommerce site
  • Onboarding with Windward's Professional Services Team


  • You may require a WooCommerce developer to assist with your site as Windward does not have expertise in the WooCommerce platform
  • Additional WooCommerce plugins are not recommended as they could have unintentional consequences to your integration


Windward Ecommerce SDK

The Windward Ecommerce SDK is a development kit that will provide you and your developer with the tools to connect to the Ecommerce website of your choosing in order to push product information and receive invoice details.


  • Able to connect to the web platform of your choosing
  • With your developer you can determine the exact information to push to the site and bring into System 5 (within SDK limits, see links below for more information)


  • You must have your own developer to create the integration
  • Your developer will be required to offer support for implemented features beyond just initial development


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