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New Feature Round-up

Windward/WebSell Integration

Windward has partnered with WebSell to provide a solution to connect to a custom site with WebSell and provide a wide range of features and functionality. This Integration provides the greatest functionality of all of Windward's Ecommerce Solutions.


  • WebSell Sync provides automatic data synchronization between System 5 and your online store
  • PAM (Product Attribute Manager) allows for quick and easy changes to products at once
  • WebStore Management
  • Fast Checkout
  • Web Order Management
  • SEO Optimized
  • Connect to your Payment Gateway of choice
  • Shipping and Delivery available with shipping provider integrations (see add-ons below)
  • Tax Configuration
  • Product Carousel Builder
  • Filtered Product Search
  • Matrix Product support
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Project Management and Training with WebSell
  • In-house designer services with WebSell
  • Highest Data Security Compliance


  • Will need to make purchases with both Windward and WebSell
  • Kits are not currently supported
  • Email Marketing is not supported
  • Extensive Sales Reporting is not provided
  • Rental Items are not supported
  • The following are supported through an additional 3rd party
    • Email Marketing
    • CRM
    • Postage
    • Complex Tax Calculations
    • Payment Security

Supported Fields

  • Part Number
  • Inventory Quantity
  • List Price or Web-Only Price, Sale Price or Web-Only Sale Price
  • Description
  • Description 2
  • WebDescription (Long Description)
  • Primary Product Image
  • Additional Product Images
  • Price Schedules
  • Supplier Name
  • Free Forms (40)
  • Matrix Variants
  • Customer Account Details (Name, email…)
  • Taxes
  • Multidepartment support


WebSell Gateway

The WebSell Gateway is provided by Windward to allow for order syncing. The Gateway included a sync that runs on a 5 minute interval and a Staging Application that allows for review, validation, and importing of orders.

PAM (Product Attribute Manager)

PAM allows you to view your products and make changes that will persist to your website, so changes can be made quickly and easily. Images can be added in the PAM and persisted to the website and System 5.

The following fields can be edited for an inventory item in PAM and persisted on the Website

  • Ecommerce
  • Web Subcategory
  • Theme
  • Brand Name
  • Keywords
  • Lead Time
  • New Product
  • Priority
  • Promotion
  • Release Date
  • Special Offer
  • Web Description
  • Column filtering and addition

The following fields can be edited for an inventory item in PAM and persisted to System Five

  • Ecommerce flag
  • Web Description
  • Images

WebSell Sync

The WebSell Sync provides the data synchronization between System 5 and your custom website.

Ecommerce Website

A custom website built with WebSell to feature your products.

Additional Services

Facebook, Instagram & Google Shopping Integrations

Complete configuration and control of your data that goes to Facebook/Instagram including:

  • The ability to exclude specific products.
  • A full interface for assigning categorization.
  • Multiple options for configuring your product data.
  • A product feed that is automatically updated hourly on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Hands-on, guided set-up process with our Search Engine Marketing team to ensure the smoothest possible experience.
  • Ongoing support.

Amazon Integration

Take advantage of the Amazon ecosystem, exposing your products on the world’s largest shopping site;

  • Automatically upload (and maintain) your products from your point of sale to Amazon;
  • Have your stock levels automatically synchronize between your POS , your webstore and Amazon;
  • Have any product updates you make in your POS , update your products on Amazon with no intervention from you;
  • Have any orders made on Amazon download directly to your POS in the same way that your ordinary web orders download, and be able to process them in the same way as in-store transactions;
  • Automatically inform Amazon of shipped status when you ship Amazon orders from the POS .

In short, the integration will allow your POS to talk to Amazon in an intelligent and nuanced way.

Search Engine Marketing: Google AdWords management

WebSell’s bespoke search engine marketing service, with a primary focus on Google AdWords. The service consists of the following:

  • Kick off meeting with the WebSell SEM team;
  • Creation of SEM campaigns:
    • Development of search engine marketing strategy.
    • Research and development of keyword libraries – positive and negative keywords.
    • Creation of Google AdWords, Merchant Centre, and Analytics accounts (if necessary).
    • Creation of ad copy to maximize Quality Score and minimize click costs.
    • Where applicable, creation, of Google Shopping listing ad feeds.
    • Establishment of keyword bidding process.
  • Following campaign creation: review and approval meeting.
  • Ongoing Management & Optimization of Campaign:
    • Management of keyword bidding process for AdWords and, where applicable, Google Shopping.
    • Testing of ad copy.
    • Optimization of Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS);
    • Create ads for in-store or online promotions taking place;
    • Provision of status reports and campaign metrics;
    • Monthly Customer Meeting to review and adjust campaigns.

Customer On-Boarding


  • 1 hour training session with the WebSell project management team
  • Access to training materials, video and text guides, from WebSell
Information you will need...
  • Product images for your WebStore
Included in Project Management provided by WebSell
  • Software Installation
  • Software Set up
    • Completing configurations of
      • NSync
      • Set Web Orders
      • PAM
    • Integration of WebSell with POS
    • WebSell WebStore Manager config and training
  • Payment and Tax configuration
  • Shipping, local delivery and pick-up configuration
  • Design help using one of three WebSell design templates


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