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Error : Application NOT Active


You are running System Five in a Terminal Services environment, and several times a day you receive the error “Windward System Five application NOT active” and you have to exit System Five and then restart your Terminal Services session each time to correct the problem.


The most likely cause is a problem with the Group Policies on the Terminal Services Server for that computer or user profile . More specifically the SID (Security Identifier) keys in the registry are missing for that terminal or User.

Do not attempt to fix this. Have your company's computer technician or IT person make this repair. It will require deletion of the user or computer profile, and recreating it.

Windward Software WILL NOT delete or create user profiles or change setting in Group Policies. This type of work can impact the rest of your network so it should ONLY be attempted by the people/person that set up your network environment, your local computer technician, or your local IT company.

Steve Wind - May 31, 2017
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