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Exporting to Microsoft Excel from System Five

Any report in system five can be exported to Microsoft Excel by accessing the right-click menu as show in figure 1.

Figure 1 - Right Click menu action

The following link demonstrates the export ability to Microsoft Excel.

Exporting report data to Microsoft Excel

Leading Zero Problem in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel will remove leading zeros when manipulating data in the Comma Seperated Values (CSV) format. To prevent this from happening there are some steps that can be used to preserve the leading zeros as demonstrated in the following article.

Leading Zero deletion from CSV files

Excel Lookup to link data from 2 worksheets

The following link will demonstrate how to merge to sheets of Excel data that match using a unique value that is common to both sheets. In the example we want category information to copy to the first sheet from the second using part number as our lookup value.

Category Merge using Excel

Excel programming to delete specific character

When preparing a partfile to be loaded to System Five there may be a need to delete a specific character from the Excel sheet. The following link gives an example for stripping a “-” sign from the partnumber column.

Delete specific character in Excel

Barcode Fixing in Excel

Sometimes you may need to fix up barcodes without a check digit. This excel routine can help with this problem.


Tip: placing a single quote (') into the front of a barcode might help prevent problems where excel converts it to a number and you lose leading 0's. Here is a sample formula for excel that will add a single quote (') to the start of your barcode field. It assumes the barcode is in column A and we are setting up the formula on row 2.

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