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-====== Exception EOleSysError in module ====== 
-[[|{{  |Windward Software}}]] 
-====== Explanation ====== 
-After upgrading System Five on the server, none of the Terminal Services workstations are able to log into System Five. 
-Full Error: 
- Exception EOleSysError in module WindwardPOS.exe at 00073159 Error accessing the OLE registry 
-This error will come up when a program is not registered correctly. In the case of the example above, the WindwardPOS.exe file or one of it's components are not registered. It could be the WindwardPOS.exe, or one of the DLLs or OCX files that the program relies on. In this case it was preventing System Five from opening on the terminal services workstations. System Five and WindwardPOS.exe were both working on the server. 
-====== Detailed Problem Solution ====== 
-The simple solution was to reinstall System Five with the S5Install.exe, not the S5Update, on the server using the Administrator account. The S5Install.exe will re-register any OCX and DLL files that are required for System Five and the WindwardPOS.exe to run. 
-===== Install on Terminal Services ===== 
-If you have an OLE error on a terminal server. 
-  - Create an icon shortcut to WindwardPOS.exe with the command line option /regserver 
-  - Run the icon as administrator which will register objects appropriately. 
-Created by Steve Wind May 21 2010 
-Updated by Steve Wind Oct 18 2010 
-[[|{{  |myWindward}}]] 
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