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New Feature Round-up

Datacap Netepay Hosted

Netepay hosted is a new version of datacap where the netepay server is hosted by Datacap but a bridge needs to be installed on each workstation or a common onprem server
The SAAS (Software as a service) requires a monthly charge verses a one time payment.

Meet NETePay Hosted

Advantages of Netepay Hosted

  • Tokenization across all processors, even if you change processors.
  • Easier switching of processors. Debit keys still need to be changed, but this may be able to be done remotely soon.
  • Same pinpads supported across all US processors.
  • No charge for software upgrades

Supported Netepay Hosted US Networks

  • EVO SNAP NETePay-Hosted Bridge - EVO EVO will provide
  • Global Canada NETePay-Hosted Bridge - GCR
  • Global Payments Portico NETePay-Hosted Bridge - HPS
  • Heartland Portico NETePay-Hosted Bridge - HPS
  • Paymentech NETePay-Hosted Bridge - PNH
  • RapidConnect NETePay-Hosted Bridge - RAPID
  • TSYS NETePay-Hosted Bridge - TSYS
  • Worldpay Core NETePay-Hosted Bridge
  • Worldpay TCMP NETePay-Hosted Bridge - WPH

Supported Netepay Hosted Canadian Networks

  • Global Canada NETePay-Hosted Bridge - GCR - Verifone P400

Not supported

  • Elavon Host EMV - ELH
  • Moneris Canadian Host EMV POSPAD - MSH
  • Paymentech Canadian Host EMV - PNH

Supported US Pinpads

  • Ingenico Lane 3000 requires or newer
  • Ingenico Lane 7000 requires or newer
  • Verifone P400 requires or newer

Datacap deployment Ids

There are 3 new options for creating the deployment Ids for the datacap bridge installs. Each physical location where a walk-in customer can pay, usually requires a separate merchant account.

  1. Generate one Deployment ID (Multiple client applications point to a single, consolidated NETePay Server) Standard Installation. Suitable for on-prem location with a single merchant Id.
  2. Generate one Deployment ID with multiple Merchant IDs (Consolidated NETePay server for use when a station needs to route to multiple merchant accounts). Suitable for On Prem, or cloud if they have access to a shared datacap netepay bridge.
  3. Generate unique Deployment ID for each lane (NETePay runs on each lane independently, each station only has access to 1 merchant Id) Note: with this option, you cannot create a backup deployment. Options for add-ons may also be limited.
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