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How to Enable Coupons Online

The user can create coupons by logging in to the admin program and navigating to:

Miscellaneous -> Coupons page.
  • The link labeled “Create New Coupon” allows the user to add a coupon to the site.
  • The user can list currently valid coupons, and has the option to include expired coupons in the report.

When creating or editing a coupon, there are currently 6 fields that are available:

  1. Coupon Code: This is the alphanumeric string that the visitor to the web site will enter in order to claim the discount that the coupon provides. Coupon codes should be unique throughout the system.
  2. Discount Amount: This is a value (either a fixed amount or percentage of the order total (excluding tax and shipping charges)) to deduct from the customer's order.
  3. Valid From & Valid To: Specify the date range for which this coupon is valid.
  4. Minimum Order: The lowest value of the contents of the customer's shopping cart that we will allow the coupon to be applied against.
  5. Discount Part: The part number of an inventory item in System Five that will be sent when importing the invoice from the e-commerce system. If the discount part does not exist in System Five when an invoice that uses the coupon is imported, an error message will be written to the invoice's comment.

Once a part has been set up in System Five and the corresponding coupon information created in the e-commerce system, the web site should be configured to allow the customer to enter a coupon code.

The form to enter the coupon code should be placed on the normal cart view page, either as part of one of the HTML segments used to construct the page, or the cart template (if the site uses a cart template). The form should submit an action of coupon_submit and the coupon code should be entered into the code field. The following is a simple example of such a form:

 <input type="text" name="code" />
 <input type="submit" value="Add Coupon" />
 <input type="hidden" name="action" value="coupon_submit" />  
  • If the coupon code that the user entered was valid, the cart subtotal will be updated to reflect the discount.
  • It the coupon code is invalid, the <ww:message> tag will provide a description of the problem, that the order is for too small an amount, or that the coupon code is invalid.
  • When displaying the shopping cart, the site administrator can show the coupon code and the discount applied to the invoice with the <ww:cart_couponcode> and <ww:cart_couponvalue> tags respectively.
  • On the checkout page, after the user has submitted their payment details, the <ww:invoice_couponcode> and <ww:invoice_couponvalue> tags do the same purpose.
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