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Fixing Drive Disconnects with a Login Script

Figure 1: Sample of when W: drive is not mapped “Link a new workstation”

A disconnected drive to a server PC that contains System Five data will prompt the user to “Link a new workstation” when attempting to login to System Five from a client. If you ever experience drive disconnects when booting up a workstation PC, the following login script will help fix the problem:

ECHO Logging onto network please wait
REM Check that the workstation service has finished loading and is ready.
REM Loop until the service is ready.
NET STATISTICS WORKSTATION |FIND /I "completed successfully">NUL
REM Check that we can ping the server.
REM Exit if no reply is received.
PING SERVER2003 |FIND /I "reply from">NUL
NET USE W: \\SERVER2003\WINDWARD /user:windward windward /PERSISTENT:NO

The above script first verifies that the workstation service is started and that the server can be pinged from the workstation prior to attempting to map the drive. The server in this case is named SERVER2003 and the share is named WINDWARD. Also, a user named windward with the password windward has been created on the server and drive W: is being mapped as that user. Save the above text in a file called login.bat and place it in the c:\windows folder on each PC. Then add it to the startup folder on the workstation so that it is executed when the PC boots up. (See Figure 1)

Figure 2: Sample of batch file in startup folder

Figure 3: Sample of script running

Figure 4: Complete Script

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