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Ingenico iCMP

The ingenico iCMP is good for mobile payments can be linked to a laptop via blue-tooth or USB cable. The blue-tooth connection is a bit troublesome. This device is supported with Datacap dsiEMVX for Vantiv IP US (Mercury) only. Please note that Vantiv requires that the device have end to end encryption key loaded.

Datacap info for the iCMP


On the iCMP, if “BT Paring Required” is shown, press the F2 button for Standard blue tooth. If “BT Paring Required” is not shown, press the F button 4 times quickly and the device will unpair.

Start the pairing procedure on your laptop and enter the PIN as shown on the iCMP screen.

Once the pairing is complete, open the Bluetooth options on the laptop and select the COM Ports tab and find the “Outgoing” port. This is the COM port you need to set with System Five. Please note every time you pair the device, it will use a different COM port.

USB Cable

The iCMP can also be linked via a USB cable (charging cable) which is more reliable. You will need to change the communication method on the iCMP. Follow these steps, be carefull.

  1. When you see the “splash screen” on boot up. The one that displays the copyright info, type in the 4 digit password (please contact Windward) and hit the green button.
  2. The screen should display “press F for Menu”. Press F (The button above the red button)
  3. Scroll to and select “TDA” hit the green button.
  4. Select configuration and hit the green button.
  5. Select communication and hit the green button.
  6. Select “choose com type” and hit the green button.
  7. Select the correct interface (Bluetooth or USB) and hit the green button. The screen should flash.
  8. Hit the red key 3 or so times until it gives you the option to “save and reboot”.
  9. The pad should reboot now.

Check your computer device manager, ports to see which Virtual Serial port it created. This is the COM port you will need in System Five.


Port Access Dennied - Check that you have the correct serial port in System Five. Check the bluetooth settings in Windows, bluetooth options, serial ports, select the “outgoing” port.

No response from Pinpad. - Wrong serial port, device not “connected” or the iCMP is not setup correctly. Ensure that it is set to bluetooth and Standard connection.
IPV6 enabled on your network can sometimes cause the pinpad to register a hack attempt error. Please disable IPV6 if you are experiencing any unexplained connection issues.

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