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Mercury Tokenization

System Five Version supports Mercury Tokenization along with US EMV and End-to-End Encryption.

What is Tokenization

Tokenization is where instead of storing a credit card number, a token is stored. Further transactions such as void, pre-auth capture, refund and sale can be performed by using only the token. The token can only be used on a single merchant account. If you have multiple merchant accounts a token from one department can not be used in another department. The token is not an encrypted credit card number. Tokenization means that card numbers are never stored on your system. Paired with End-To-End Encryption and EMV it provides the highest level of security for your customers.

Tokenization can be used with

  • Card not present transactions, ingenico 6xxx pin pads, MSR card swipes (dsiClientX). This method is still prone to skimming or hacking the MSR Device or computer.
  • Card present US PIN Pads vx810, Equinox L5300, mx915 (dsiPDCX). This method is still prone to skimming or hacking the MSR Device unless end-to-end encryption is utilized.
  • Vx805 PIN Pads (non EMV) with End-to-to Encryption (dsiPDCX)
  • Vx805 EMV PIN Pads (dsiEMVX) - highest level of security

Tokenization is not available with Canadian EMV vx810 pin pads (dsiEMVClientX).


To use Mercury Tokenization (MToken) you must contact Mercury Payments to have then enable Tokenization on your Merchant account, and you must turn on Tokenization in System Five, Payment Processing, Credit Cards, Use Tokenization.

In the toolbox, there is a routine to convert currently stored cards to tokens. This routine will blank out all current stored cards and replace them with tokens.

If you are currently not storing cards on file, switch over is easy.

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