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New Feature Round-up

MetroLogic Barcode Scanners

Metrologic makes a series of very popular scanners. Most of them can be configured with the appropriate prefix by scanning the below sequence.



The barcode scanner does not work properly: if the cursor is on the quantity or tender field and a barcode is scanned, then the barcode number is entered as a very large quantity or payment. Your Windward software can be configured to recognize all scanned codes as a part number or barcode, preventing this kind of mistake.


Barcode scanners are small computer processors that scan the barcode information and send it the computer. Out of the box, the barcode scanner simulates a keyboard and “types” the barcode number exactly as if it was typed in at the keyboard. Your Windward software product cannot differentiate keystrokes entered from the barcode scanner or from the keyboard. To solve this, the barcode scanner can send a pre-amble (prefix) character in front of the barcode.

By scanning the barcodes below, you can program your MetroLogic scanner to provide a standard prefix in front of the barcode. The prefix normally used is called an STX prefix. STX stands for STart Text, and is also called a control-B prefix, and is technically an ASCII code #2 character.

The Solution

Scan the following codes, in order from start to finish, to add an STX prefix to all scanned codes. This process is reversible, but will permanently affect all scanned codes until it is disabled. As a rule you should never need to disable an STX prefix when using your scanner with Windward's software.


For most of the Metrologic Brands of scanners, you may just need to scan the “Enable STX Prefix” barcode pictured below. If that does not work, first enter program mode by scanning the Enter / Exit program Mode barcode, then scan the STX Prefix On barcode and finally, exit program mode by rescanning the Enter / Exit barcode. If that does not work for your Metrologic Scanner, try the other options listed at the bottom.

You may be able to scan these codes directly from your monitor. If this doesn't work, print this page out to scan them.
The following codes should not be used with other brands of scanners. At best they simply won't work, at worst you may cause your scanner to cease functioning.

===== The Codes =====
These codes will work for the Honeywell Orbit MS7120

Command Scan Code
Enter Config
Set Prefix
End Config


If neither of these codes allow you to set the Ctrl+B (STX Prefix), then download the programming manual here:


Once you have it, you will need to print out the Start/End Config barcode on the Introduction page, as well as the STX Prefix barcode on page 8-4 (page 46 of 116). Make sure that when you print these two pages, that you print them at the Actual size. You can not resize the pages, of have it fit to page, because that will alter the size of the barcode and it will not be scanable.

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