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SD-300 Series Barcode Scanner

The SD-300 series is a common scanner that is rebadged as several different brands (for example DigiPos, Nexa and others). Some model numbers that use this same configuration are the SD-300, SD-303, and SD-313. As a rule, if the programming manual that came with your scanner looks like the one at right, the codes below will be safe to use.


The barcode scanner does not work properly. If the cursor is on the quantity field and a barcode is scanned, then the barcode number is entered as a very large quantity instead of finding the inventory item. Your Windward software can be configured to recognize all scanned codes as a part number or barcode.


Barcode scanners are small computer processors that scan the barcode information and send it the computer. Out of the box, the barcode scanner simulates a keyboard and “types” the barcode number exactly as if it was typed in at the keyboard. Your Windward software product cannot differeniate keystrokes entered from the barcode scanner or from the keyboard. To solve this, the barcode scanner must send a pre-amble character in front of the barcode. In addition, after the prefix and the barcode number have been “typed”, the <enter> key must be entered to send the barcode to the system.

By scanning the barcodes below, you can program the SD-300 to provide a standard prefix in front of the barcode. The prefix normally used is called an STX prefix. STX stands for Start Text, and is also called a control-B prefix, and is technically an ASCII code #2 character.

The Solution

Scan the following codes, in order from start to finish, to add an STX prefix to all scanned codes. This process is reversible, but will permanently affect all scanned codes until it is disabled. As a rule you should never need to disable an STX prefix when using your scanner with Windward's software.

You may be able to scan these codes directly from your monitor. If this doesn't work, print this page out to scan them.
The following codes should not be used with other brands of scanners. At best they simply won't work, at worst you may cause your scanner to cease functioning.

The Codes

Command Scan Code
Enter Config
All Codes
Complete 1
Complete 2
Finish Config
Save Config
KeyBoard Mode
Save Config
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