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Symbol 1900 Barcode Scanner


The barcode scanner does not work properly. If the cursor is on the quantity field and a barcode is scanned, then the barcode number is entered as a very large quantity instead of finding the inventory item.


Barcode scanners are small computer processors that scan the barcode information and send it the computer. Out of the box, the barcode scanner simulates a keyboard and “types” the barcode number exactly as if it was typed in at the keyboard. Windward System Five cannot differentiate keystrokes entered from the barcode scanner or from the keyboard. To solve this, the barcode scanner must send a pre-amble character in front of the barcode. In addition, after the prefix and the barcode number have been “typed”, the <enter> key must be entered to send the barcode to the system.

By scanning the barcodes below, you can program the Symbol 1900 to provide a control-B (Asc 2) in front of the barcode. Note that other barcode scanners will need different barcode to scan to program them.

To add the STX prefix on a Symbol LS1900 barcode scanner, scan the following barcodes using this sequence:

1: Scan Prefix

2: Enter in the STX Prefix by scanning the following Numeric Barcodes (1,0,0,2)

3: Scan the “Scan Options” barcode

4: Scan the <Prefix><Data><Suffix> Barcode

5: Scan the ENTER barcode.

See example below:

1: Scan the PREFIX Barcode

2: Scan the Following numeric Barcodes in the order of 1, 0, 0, 2

3: Scan the SCAN OPTIONS Barcode

4: Scan the PREFIX/DATA/SUFFIX Barcode

5: Scan the ENTER Barcode

that for this to work, you must also go into the setup wizard and program Windward System Five to recognize control-B as the preamble character
You need to follow this procedure for each and every scanner and for each and every computer. If you have 5 computers acting as point of sale terminals, each must be setup to recognize the control-B preamble character. This is because the software allows you to run different brands of scanners with different preambles on different terminals if required (not recommended)
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