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New Feature Round-up

SMS Integration with Message Media

Message Media changed their authentication method in 2019 to use an email address instead of a username. If you have an email address as a username, ask Message Media to provide your credentials with a username to use SMS Texting in System Five.

SMS Texting in Canada

Due to the Privacy Laws in Canada, no unsolicited SMS text can be sent to a customer for marketing purposes. Even if the customer gives their verbal consent at the place of business, this is insufficient. In order to be legal, the business would set up an account with Message Media and in an advertisement (or poster on the wall) they can offer their customers the ability to “Opt In” by texting Message Media directly. Message Media would then send a message to the business saying that it is now ok for the business to text this customer. I believe it is ok to SMS text a customer non-marketing material, for example that their vehicle service is finished or their special order has arrived.

This “Opt-In” feature still needs to be implemented in a future release as at the time we implemented SMS texting, message Media was still in the process of setting up their Canadian services.

SMS Texting in Other Countries

Please check with Message Media as to what the rules and regulations are regarding SMS texting in other countries. Countries like Australia and the United States have much more lax rules surrounding the texting of marketing material.

Setup Wizard - SMS Texting Settings

Before any setup can occur, the customer would have to set up an account with Message Media.

In the main list of the Setup Wizard there is a Section called SMS Texting Settings. In order for any of the functionality to work the Enable SMS Texting checkbox must be checked.

Explanation of the settings:

1. User Name: the user name of the Message Media account. (Mandatory)
2. Password: the password of the Message Media account. (Mandatory)
3. Opt Out Phrase: this phrase would be attached to the end of SMS messages which gives instructions on how the recipient of the message can opt out of any future messages.
4. Opt Out Word: the actual word the recipient would text back.
5. Sender Code: a way to mark messages so you know who sent them.
6. Track Delivery Results for Reports: allows the user on the Process SMS Server Messages form to get a detailed report of the delivery statuses of previously sent messages.

Make sure you save the settings by clicking the [Save Settings] button. You can also send a test SMS message from this form as well.

Send SMS Message Form

No matter where you send SMS messages from, you are presented with the same Send SMS Messages form. This form does quite a lot. Firstly, it allows you to send the message(s) and view the results in the Results grid.

You can also create and save message templates that can be reused. To personalize these messages you can add in variables that will be filled in when the message is sent.

The following variables can be sent:

1. Date
2. Customer Name
3. Part Description (you will be prompted to select an item)
4. Part Regular Price (you will be prompted to select an item)
5. Part Sale Price (you will be prompted to select an item)
6. Invoice Amount (only available if sending a message from the Invoice Sale form)
7. Invoice Date (only available if sending a message from the Invoice Sale form)

TIP: Do not edit the variables in any way. Otherwise the message will not be sent correctly.


Hello »CustomerName» our »Description:2» regularly »RegPrice:2» is on sale for »SalePrice:2» starting on »Date». Get here quick!

These message templates can be saved for future reuse as long as it is given a title.

You also have the option to attach the Opt Out Phrase and Sender Code.

Customer Form

The first place you can send an SMS Message is from the Customer Form. In order to be able to send the message, the account must have a Mobile (SMS) number and the SMS Status must be set to Consented on the Customer Information Tab. Click the Send SMS button to send the message.

Invoice Sale Form

If you attach a customer to an invoice who has consented to receive SMS Messages and have a Mobile (SMS) number on the account, you can send SMS Messages from Invoice Sale form. To send a SMS Message, go to the Options Menu and click Send SMS Message.

Customer Report Form

Under Customer / Supplier Reports – click Design Customer / Supplier Reports option.

There are two new columns added to this report: Mobile and Send SMS Message.

If you select the Mobile column you will be presented with a button on the View tab to send SMS messages. If you add the Send SMS Message column, you will be able to select or unselect individuals in the report to send SMS messages to. You can flip back and forth from send and not send by clicking on the image in the column.

If you do not show this column, then messages will be sent all customers in the report who have consented to receive SMS messages.

Process Server Messages Form

The Process Server Messages form is available on the Main form under “Utilities”. You can pop this form to process any replies to messages sent from the System Five. Any messages that match exactly the Opt Out Code, will modify the account record to opt it out of receiving further messages.

All other messages have tasks created for them. You can also view reports from the Message Media server on which messages were delivered.

It is incumbent on our customers to run this form as often as needed.

Note: Once you have set up SMS Texting in the Setup Wizard for the first time, you will have to log out and come back for this option to show up.

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