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Process for Updating System Five

This process is for on premise installations of Windward System Five. If you are a System Five on Cloud customer contact customer care to schedule an update.

Before doing any update, we recommend that you perform a backup of both your data files and your bin files first. To understand how to backup your data and what files are needed to be backed up, please review the following backup article

To perform an update to Windward System Five:

Make sure everyone is logged out of System Five when you apply the updates in step 7. For other Windward applications such as polling, WEAR and stand-alone sync the remote data first before any updates. We strongly recommend if you have special modules such as Polling, Standalone, WEAR call our customer care support hotline 1-800-663-5750 or book a time with our team to assist you on this process.

1: Log into Windward System Five on your server and choose the top menu item “Utilities” and then choose the FTP update option:

  • If you receive a security prompt showing Windward Software as the publisher of the liveup.exe program, choose the “Run” button.

2: The system will automatically choose the fastest connection for the FTP update. Normally, passive FTP is enabled by default, but if you are experiencing issues connecting through firewalls, etc., un-check passive. Click the “Download” button to continue.

3: You will be prompted to choose which version you would like to update to. The current released version is 6.2.2.x and we would recommend that you update to this version unless instructed to do otherwise. We also recommend that users who are running versions of System Five prior to 6.1.2.x must perform first a training upgrade.Read more about Upgrade vs Update

4: Click on the field to enter in your e-mail address so that we can note who has updated. Click the “Next” button to continue.

5: Version information of available updates will be displayed. The system will automatically choose the options which it needs to be updated. You can manually override the system by checking or un-checking the different components. Click the “Next” button to continue.

If you have version or greater you can choose to only apply a Windward Payroll update and do not have to update Windward System Five at the same time.

6: As the update is being downloaded, you will be informed of the download progress via the status bars. When completed, click the “Next” button to continue.

Also read the update message pane. This will contain information about the version and information on enhancements.

7: Once the update is finished downloading, you will be prompted with a message to ensure that everyone is logged out of the system. Typically, we have the users logged out of the system before we begin the update process, but if download speeds are slow, then all users can continue to work in System Five until this point. Click “Yes” to continue to apply the updates.

8: If the update completed successfully, You will be notified with the following dialog. Click “OK” to continue.

9: Once completed, click the “Finish” button and re-start Windward System Five or Windward Payroll.

10: To check your program version after an update, do the following.

  • After signing into System Five click on the “Help” menu and choose “About”.
  • After signing into Windward Payroll click on the “System Settings” button and choose “About Payroll”.
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