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New Feature Round-up

Printing labels on an Eltron or Zebra printer print blank labels, skip labels or print on two lables

To ensure the gap sensor detects the space between labels when printing labels on an Eltron or Zebra printer, execute the following command from the printer driver to force the GAP sensor to check for the label spacing.

Additional method to manually force the printer to sense the gap

These procedures are to be run when the Zebra printer fails to sense the gap in the labels.

Use only the labels provided by Zebra Technologies Corporation.

Turn off the printer using the rear power switch. While holding the red light button down, turn the printer power switch back on. Release the depressed red button as soon as the power comes on. The printer will perform a calibration and the red button should change to a green glow.

There is a big distinction between the Zebra printer and Z Designer. Make sure you're using the correct driver and printer.

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