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Parent article: pvsw-errors

Fixing a Pervasive Status 94

Fixing a Pervasive Status 171

What is it?

The Application encountered a Permission Error.

The designated server is in the server routing table, but your particular client is not logged into that server

One cause of this is the server IP has changed, causing a status 94 when a client trys to connect to the database on the server. The Pervasive SAT (Server Address Table) entries need to be removed and re-created. Running WWTWEAK.EXE will clear the SAT entries and once you attempt to re-connect to the database, they are re-written.

WWTWEAK can be downloaded from the public FTP site or uploaded internally from our \support_team\tools folder

Steps to run wwTweak utility

Step 1) Download wwTweak from the ftp site and save it to desktop

Step 2) Double click on wwTweak.exe

Step 3) Select proper Pervasive Version and click on Remove SAT entries (Screen Shot 1)

Step 4) You will be prompted with pop-up select yes and you should see a screen similar to (Screen Shot 2)

Step 5) Load up Pervasive Server and error should be cleared

(Screen Shot 1)

(Screen Shot 2)

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