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Gift Card usage with Polling / Standalone WAN (WEAR) / Standalone LAN


Do Gift Cards work with Polling or Standalone WAN(WEAR)?


Standard Gift Cards do not work with Polling or Standalone WAN (WEAR).

However, payments processors like Mercury Payments or Sterling Payments offer gift cards that will work in a polling or WEAR. In this case the payment processor stores your Gift Card numbers and balances, so the gift card looks and acts like a credit card within System Five. You will need a working Internet connection in order to connect to the servers at any location to process the Gift Cards regardless of connectivity to your Main Location server.

Standalone LAN added for clarification

Clifford and Kevin discussed 2019-05-31. For multi-locations use Worldpay gift cards. There are some great benefits.

Further Explanation:

The reason we do not support gift cards within System Five when Polling or WEAR is enabled, is there is a very real possibility that a customer could use the card to purchase products from one of your locations, then go to another of your locations, and purchase more product with the same Gift Card. Since the balance cannot be verified against the server there is a chance that the customer could go to your other location before an update occurs. What this means is the one location has no knowledge that the customer has already used the gift card at the other location, will allow them to make the additional purposes.
This isn't an issue with Payment Processor gift cards, because each transaction is done with the payment processor in exactly the same way as a debit or credit card transaction occurs. So if a gift card is used, the balance is immediately updated.

Please call your payment processor representative if you are using Mercury or Sterling to discuss using the Gift Card Program.

Author: arose
Updated by Steve Wind November 21 2016

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