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New Feature Round-up

Supported Mercury Canada PINPads

VeriFone Vx820 EMV (Chip and PIN) and Contactless

Available with System Five version or higher.
Requires Netepay 5.06.10.
RS-232 Serial connection only (USB-Serial connectors do not work)

The Canadian VX810/820 pinpads are RS-232 Serial only. You need a 9 PIN RS-232 Serial port on the back of your computer. USB-Serial converters DO NOT WORK. I repeat, they DO NOT WORK. They are also expensive for ones that may work. If you do not have a serial card, you can have one installed. The Edge USB-Serial converter is the only known one that works, but please don't waist your money and time on it when a serial port card can be installed.

Verifone VX810 EMV (Chip and PIN)

The Verifone VX 810 has been discontinued and is no longer available for new installs.

Available with version
Must install netepay 5 server.
RS-232 Serial connection only (USB-Serial connectors do not work)

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