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New Feature Round-up

Global Canada P400

Available Now
This solution requires a monthly rental of datacap netepay hosted.

  • Requires System Five Version or higher.
  • USB connection
  • Supports Tokenization
  • Does not support cash back
  • Does not support magnetic stripe credit
  • No signature capture.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader will not work for System Five Gift Cards as it is encrypted.
  • Contactless
  • Chip and Pin
  • Requires Netepay Hosted which is a SAAS solution (Software as a service) which will require a monthly fee.
  • Store and Forward not currently available.

Information on the P400

  • This device is ordered from and supplied by Global Payments Canada
  • Prompt for CVV is by default turned on. If you wish to turn off CVV then set the following System Five Registry key to GLOBALCAN,ALLOWCARDNOTPRESENT,(machine number) to 1.

Netepay Install

Error Codes

840 SYSTEM ERROR - the debit transaction sequence is out of sync. They should now be in sync, please try again. If the issue occurs again, check that “store debit sequence in registry” is not checked.

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