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New Feature Round-up

ElitePOS 2D Barcode Scanners


If the scanners doesn't do a carriage return when you scan a barcode you will need to print and scan the barcodes on the following PDF.


If you need to enable the Ctrl+B prefix otherwise known as the STX prefix, print and scan the barcodes on the following PDF.


This PDF is for the Honeywell 3800G series scanners but is the only barcode I was able to find or generate that actually worked to program the STX Prefix.

These barcodes have been tested to work with the HP ElitePOS 2D Barcode Scanner.

Be aware that with Windows 10 you need to make an additional change to the Command Prompt to allow Ctrl characters to work. If you don't do this step in Windows 10 you won't see the Ctrl+B ( ^B ) character.

Open a search box and type CMD. This should find the CMD.EXE. Right click on it and select run as administrator. Right click the icon at the top left of the command prompt window and select Properties. Make sure that “Use legacy console (requires relaunch) is checked. Click OK and close the command prompt.

Now go to System5 / Setup Wizard / Point of Sale Devices / Barcode Reader

  1. Click on “Now Scan Barcode” button
  2. Scan any Item with a barcode
  3. Click “Save Settings” button
  4. Click “CLOSE” button on top to exit

Created by Steve Wind June 22 2018

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