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New Feature Round-up

Ingenico 6550 Setup

The following article describes the different versions of Ingenico drivers and how system five integrates with them. In the wake of our recent ingenico drivers issue, this will shed some light onto which driver versions are required for what operating systems. (Created by Craig).

I’ve spent a long time on this and I think I’ve solved most of the Issues with ingenico 6550 series pinpad drivers and why they are so much fun.

There are:

· 2 versions of ingenico service drivers

· 4 versions of opos drivers (but I think we only need to worry about 2), and

· 4 versions of Ingenico Form Designers – they must be matched.

There are basically two sets of ingenico drivers, to find out which are installed , use the ingenico iSeries OPOS Configuration tool and the version will be shown on the General tab, Service Object DLL info.

· 2.50 – this is the original drivers System Five was designed to work with and were included in the install. This version will works the best with all versions of System Five but will not work with USB devices on Windows 7. Use of this version is quite straight forward as all programs are matched.

· 2.74 – these are newer drivers from Ingenico. Signature Capture will not work with existing System Five installs. A new release for 6.0 and Beta will be out shortly with will allow signature capture to work with the 2.74 driver. For some reason in this version the signature is returned to the IVICMForm.ocx driver instead of the SigCapture.ocx driver.

There are two versions of OPOS Drivers for IVICMForm.ocx. To determine which version is installed, select Help, About in System Five. (newer beta builds will also show you the Service Object DLL version)

· – – this is the only driver that will work with version System Five 6.0 or prior. It will also work with new beta builds.

· – this driver will work with the next beta build.

Ingenico Form Designer - There are 4 versions of this included with the 2.74 release depending on which version of IVICMForm.ocx is installed.

· SA00265-04.91.0 (IVICMForm 1.7.0.x control)

· SA00265-04.92.0 (IVICMForm 1.7.1.x control)

· SA00660-04.91.0 (IVICMForm 1.8.2.x control)

· SA00660-04.92.0 (IVICMForm 1.8.3.x control)

Note, the if you want to install a different version, you need to use the control panel to remove all opos and ingenico programs first before installing the newer or older version.

I am in the process of building a new install for which will include both of the ingenico versions.

ingenico_drivers.txt · Last modified: 2011/04/15 15:49 (11 years ago) by nbains