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Installing Datacap NETePay

NetePay is created by Datacap Systems Inc and is a third party software solution used for credit/debit/gift card processing. Windward System Five communicates with NETePay and NETePay communicates with the PINpad's and processor networks.

Windward Software Systems has no processing or support agreements with the following processors and are unsupported and untested processors. If you choose to use them let you will need to indicate you intend to use datacap NETePay.

  • ChasePayment (USA)
  • Fifth Third Procssing Solution (Host) (NETEPAY 5 only)
  • First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - CardNet / North (Term)
  • First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - Concord / Atlanta Datawire (HOST)
  • First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) - Nashville / Envoy (Term)
  • Global Payments US (Host/Term)
  • Heartland Payments (Term)
  • Elavon / Nova Information Ssytems. (Host/Term)
  • RBS-World Pay (term)
  • TSYS Vital Visanet (term)
  • TSYS Vital Summit (Host)
Datacap NETePay must be purchased from Windward Software in order to activate it. Allow several days of setup to get the processor and PINpad's operating.

If you are switching processors from a previous processor using Datacap NETePay.

  1. We recommend you install Datacap NETePay on a different computer than the previous Datacap NETePay, so that both netepay servers are available. Run a test transaction on the new NETePay server. Wait until you receive your deposit, then switch from the old NETePay server to the new datacap NETePay server.
  2. If you have to install on the same computer, Close your batch from the previous processor first. Uninstall Datacap NETePay and all the datacap files. Re-install Datacap NETePay .


When installing NETePay you must select to install the HOST or TERMINAL version. HOST or TERMINAL version will be determined by your processor.

  • HOST version means that all batched transactions are stored on the processor. The batch is normally automatically settled for you each night. This is the simplest, safest method and is strongly recommended.
  • :!: HOST Ensure that your processor has AUTO CLOSE turned ON! There is no method to close the batch using NETePay HOST.
  • TERMINAL version means that all batched transactions are stored on YOUR computer until you settle the batch MANUALLY. You must run the NETePay administrator program in order to settle the batch.

Windward Software recommends that when you sign up for a merchant account that you select HOST, however some functionality is not available on the HOST version of some processors, such as the ability to perform Pre-Auths. Please contact Craig at Windward Software if you need information on choosing the best processor for your needs.

Which computer should NETePay be installed on?

  • The datacap NETePay program should be installed on a computer that is on all the time.
  • If you are going to use dial-backup (available for some processors with the purchase of datacap dial backup modem) you will need a computer station that has an available serial port and has access to a phone line. Most of your Point of Sale stations will be using the serial port for the PINpad, so installing on these stations is not recommended.
  • A dedicated Datacap NETePay server is recommended. Consider using a slower out of date computer as a dedicated server which no one will use or mess up.
  • Re-installing Datacap NETePay on a different computer, once activated, cannot be done without re-licencing.
NETePay should never be installed on an internet accessible server. Do not install on a terminal server session.
NETePay can use resources on the server, we recommend it be installed on a different machine that is always on and not be on the server.

HOST Installation

To download datacap NETePay

  1. After reading the terms, Select I agree.
  2. Select NETePay
  3. Select the the download file for your processor

and HOST version
and SL (single lane) or ML (multi lane)

TERMINAL Installation

To download datacap NETePay

  1. After reading the terms, Select I agree.
  2. Select NETePay
  3. Install MSDE DatacapInstance. Reboot when required.
  4. Install EPay Administrator. Reboot when required.
  5. Select the the download file for your processor

and TERMINAL version

Re-installation Information

  • Information on NETePay setup needs to be saved during re-installation. This includes:
    1. We need to the number of lanes.
    2. We need to know whether it is host or terminal.
    3. We need to know which processor we are dealing with.
    4. We need the complete set of information originally used for the setup.
  • NETePay has to be re-licenced when it is re-installed.
    1. Netepay 4 can not be relicensed. Upgrade to Netepay 5 is required.
    2. As part of a non-booked or Urgent/Tech on site call it would not make sense to perform this task. You should allow time for this task and book time.

Additional Troubleshooting

Visit this troubleshooting link if having communication issues with Datacap/NetePay.

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