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New Feature Round-up

Lights America Integration Setup

Integration Setup

  1. After purchase (a purchase is required with both Windward and Lights America), the API add-on will be provided by Windward
  2. Windward support will install the add-on connecting it to the TRAINING environment
  3. After installation Windward will provide to Lights America…
    1. The API address (URL or IP address +port)
    2. API Access credentials
    3. Current API Version
  4. Lights America will test the connection and enter the server details into the Manager MenuManager Menu
  5. Lights America will supply training for the customer on all aspects of the integration
  6. The Showroom manager will be required to complete mapping of…
    1. Lights America Categories → System 5 Categories
    2. Lights America Manufacturers → System 5 Suppliers
    3. Lights America Salespeople to System 5 salespeople
  7. Showroom Salespeople and Managers test the integration for a period of time, as defined by Lights America, to approve the functionality
  8. Windward Support switches the API to the LIVE environment
If you are not hosted in System Five on Cloud, some additional setup may be required by the showroom’s IT to open the firewall and a secure domain or static IP.
If you are hosted in System Five on Cloud, Windward CloudOps will need to add Lights America IP addresses to your S5webapi white list.

Lights America Settings Overview

Lights America Settings

  • Quoted Items Lookup Word: Prevents Lights America from updating the pricing of items that have the specified Lookup Word assigned. Like the Part Load Wizard option “Do not update if lookup word NOUPDATE found”
  • Part Number without Prefix: When crating items in System 5 it will not prepend part numbers with the manufacturer prefix
    • Warning: This will create duplicate part numbers in System 5, please discuss with a Windward staff member before using
    • Note: Only available in API version or newer
  • Remove Characters: Removes specified characters from part numbers and supplier part numbers when creating a new item as defined by the customer in the setting
    • Note: Only available in API version or newer
  • Synchronize Inventory: Enables a nightly job to retrieve product changes from System 5 and update inventory stock in Lights America.
    • Note: This requires record state tracking in System 5 to be available. If this was not on prior to adding the integration a file will need to be exported with Supplier Names, Supplier Part Numbers, Part Numbers, and Available Quantities from System 5 sent to Lights America for initial import.

Lights America Settings

  • Map Categories: This is the area where Lights America categories and System 5 categories are mapped to each other. Unmapped items cannot be created. Main Lights America categories, bolded, are required to be mapped. If an item belongs to an unmapped sub-type, it’ll be created with the category mapped to the main one. “Uncategorized” is required as well. Any Lights America items that don’t have a category will be created with this miscellaneous System 5 category.
    • Ex. Large Chandeliers must be mapped, but Candle, Sphere, Starburst don’t have to be.

Lights America Settings

  • Map Manufacturers: This is the area where Lights America manufacturers and System 5 suppliers are mapped to each other. This is required to create new items in System 5, unmapped manufacturers will not be created in System 5. The same System 5 supplier can be assigned to multiple related Lights America manufacturers.
  • Map Salespeople: This is the area where Lights America salespeople and System 5 salespeople are mapped to each other. System 5 needs a salesperson to be assigned to each estimate, unmapped salespeople can’t be selected when creating an estimate.
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