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New Feature Round-up

Inventory Price Change

Changing prices for inventory can be done by adjusting the Code, Percentage or Price in the retail tab of the inventory item as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Inventory Retail Tab

For performing edits to prices on a large number of inventory items there are a few methods that can be used:

  1. Print Inventory Report with option to adjust inventory
  2. Price Adjustment Report
  3. Data Loading

Method 1 - Print Inventory Report with option to adjust inventory

The Stock count Report contains a function to allow edits to the retail price tab of the inventory items to facilitate a change in retail prices. This method can be used to adjust prices on all inventory or a subset of inventory using Suppliers, Main or Sub Categories and/or Inventory Lookup Words. The following link contains a video demonstration of this process:

Price Adjustments using Stock Count Report

Method 2 - Price Adjustment Report

The price adjustment report will show all parts based on a fiter (Category or Supplier filters).

The video link below is for a demonstration of using the Price Adjustments report. NOTE: The Price Adjustment report will display up to 50 items. The report will adjust items beyond the 50 displayed. For example if a category search is performed that has 100 items, 50 of those items will be displayed but the adjustment will apply to the full 100.

Price Adjustments Tool demonstration

Method 3 - Data Load

If the new retail price information is contained in a data file then we may be able to use the Data Load tool to update the prices.

Price Adjustment using Data Load - Part 1

Price Adjustment using Data Load - Part 2

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