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 ====== Locating and starting the Pervasive Server ====== ====== Locating and starting the Pervasive Server ======
-For Windward System Five installations greater than 3 servers, it is recommended to use a Client-Server model.  The Pervasive software is loaded to the server and the Pervasive Engine (controlling read and write access to the database) runs as a service.   
-To determine if the Pervasive server is running, use the Windows Run Command or right click on My Computer and select Manage then select services and applications.  Figure 1 shows how to run the command to bring up the services window. 
-**Figure 1 - Run services.msc command** 
-There are two Pervasive Services that should be set as 'Started', they are the Pervasive PSQL Relational engine and the Pervasive PSQL Transactional Engine.  Figure 2 shows the two Pervasive engines in a Windows Server services list (services.msc).  
-**Figure 2 - Windows Server services list with the two Pervasive servicies 'Started'** 
-If the Pervasive services are not started then right click on the Pervasive service from the services list as seen in Figure 2.  Select Properties and select the button to start the service.  Both the Pervasive servicies should be configured to start when the server is brought online.  Figure 3 shows the service property screen for the Pervasive Relational Engine.   
-**Figure 3 - Pervasive service property screen** 
 +See [[]]
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