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Manual Batch Closing with Mercury Payments

  1. Go to the Setup Wizard under Credit/Debit Card verification options.
  2. Select the Mercury Payments tab
  3. Select the Batches button
  4. Select Manual for Batch Closing
  5. Open the POS Transaction file and select the Mercury Payments tab.
  6. There will be two options “Batch Summary” and “Close Batch”. Run Batch Summary first then Close Batch

Note: This does not change the Mercury Payments batch closing method,it simply enables the Batch Close button in the Point of Sale Transaction report.
If you wish to change to manual batch closing, please contact Mercury Payments.
Even with Mercury Payments automatic closing, you can still close your batch manually, and if you forget, Mercury will close it for you.

Note: We do not recommend using Manual Batch Closing. This is normally used for Restaurants that are open past midnight.
Batches must be closed manually, which can be forgotten or if the person responsible for closing the batch is away.
You do not get your money any faster by closing the batch early.

Author: arose
Editor: arose,cralph
Last Edited: 17-Dec-2007

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