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How to activate the "Credit Card on File" tab in customer record in a non-credit-card-integrated dataset

The customer might be using a “Standalone” CC/Debit processing not integrated with System5. And, they may need to record the CC information so that they will be able to manually input it into the standalone pinpad. That’s the full credit card number, expiry and CVV.

There are few places within System5 where one might be tempted to store this information, like in Comments tab or Freeform comments. However, anyone who has access to System5 and could view this information; this makes storing credit card data in unencrypted Comments illegal. We cannot condone this because if they get caught storing card information without the proper/standard PCI Security encryption, they could try to could blame us.

The only way “legal” way of storing/collecting card information in System5 is through the “Credit Cards On File” feature which can only be activated if they have “Payment processing module” enabled on their license codes.

  1. Enable “Payment Processing Other” in the licence code.
  2. Backup the old licence code.
  3. Backup the dataset.
  4. Install the new licence code on the customer's dataset.
  5. Explain the complex passwords needed for Users and Security settings that have a “#” symbol after them.
  6. Enable PCI on the customer's dataset.
  7. Make the users enter complex passwords, or remove their “#” symbol security settings.
  8. Within the Payment Processors tab in System5, enable the option to allow users to view the full card numbers, because by default, they are always encrypted. See image below.

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