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 See [[]] See [[]]
 +===== No response from Host =====
 +On the Pinpad press [ < ][  7  ] together. It should say **IPG Pass** and **RDS Pass**.  If it says **fail**, then the pinpad does not have access to the outside world. Most good network techs will block unknown devices. The network tech will need to allow those devices to connect to the Moneris Hosts. 
 +Network best practice is to have the network router assign a static IP address to the pinpad based on the pinpad's MAC address, not setting the pinpad to static IP.  If the network router is not assigning you an IP address when set to DHCP it will most likely also not allow outbound traffic to that device either.
 +If the test pinpad works and the download parameter's fails with no response from Host, but the pinpad is reacting to the download request then the pinpad does not have an external network connection, or Moneris has not configured the host correctly.
 +==== Moneris support ====
 +It’s possible that the pinpad is not configured properly on the host, or the pin pad itself is not loaded or configured properly. Please have the merchant call Moneris Customer Service (Support) line at 1 (866) 319-7450 to get help for production issues. Moneris Customer Service has access to the configuration of all production devices, and will be able to verify the setup and guide you on the initialization steps.
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