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-====== Multi-Factor Authentication ====== 
-<note warning>Internal document. Not to be distributed outside of Windward Software Systems.</note> 
-==== Introduction ==== 
-We are deploying a **multi-factor authentication** (MFA) solution on all Windward corporate machines. This includes the RDS servers which many of you log into every day. 
-=== What is this? === 
-MFA is a system that combines //something you know// (your password), with //something you have// (an authentication device, normally your phone). This means that to compromise your account, an attacker would need both of these things, dramatically increasing the barrier of entry. 
-=== Why are we implementing this? === 
-MFA is an important line of defense against unauthorized access to our systems. If a hacker manages to obtain your password through a [[|phishing attack]], they will have to also answer a multi-factor authentication challenge, which they almost certainly couldn't do. 
-=== What do I need? === 
-Most of you are already using [[|Microsoft Authenticator]] to access your Volaris resources (like Outlook). We are using the same application, so there will be no additional software to install on your device. If you are unable to use Microsoft Authenticator, please contact IT so we can provide alternative arrangements. 
-===== How to use MFA ===== 
-==== First-time setup ==== 
-To enroll for MFA, on your home computer, go to [[]]  
-<note warning>You must enter the URL above **exactly** as it is shown, or you will not be able to access the link.</note> 
-  - Log in with your username **without** and your **Windows** password. (For example, if your login is //[email protected]// simply enter //jsmith//.) 
-  - Choose **Next** when prompted to add Microsoft Authenticator to your account. 
-  - Open Microsoft Authenticator on your phone. 
-  - Choose the plus button in the top right. 
-  - Tap **Other (Google, Facebook, etc.)** 
-  - Scan the QR code on your computer screen. 
-  - On the next page, enter the code below the entry //[email protected]//. You may need to scroll down to see it. 
-  - Click Confirm, and you are enrolled!