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Our catalog of services has topic-based, role-based, or technical plans that can help you maximize your software investment.

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New Feature Round-up

Attention Canadian & US customers:

Windward and Vantiv have teamed up to provide you with a seamless, fully-integrated payment system with no cost for the encrypted payment gateway that makes this fluid integration possible!

Benefits of Integrated payment processing?

  • No double entry at point of sale
  • Eliminates PIN pad key in errors
  • Makes end of day reconciling easy
  • Move customers quickly through line-ups in high-traffic businesses
  • US EMV support

Why Vantiv over other processors?

  • Competitive rate
  • Fast processing and payment funding
  • Value-add promotional options to grow your business
  • Secure transaction
  • Virtual Terminal option
  • (follow links below for more information)

Merchant Insider Program
Merchant Advantage

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