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Diagnosing PINpad errors

The MerchantId Supplied does NOT match the PinPad SerialNo

  1. For Mercury or Global the pinpad ID in the setup wizard does not match the merchant account number setup with Mercury and Global.
  2. For Paymentech or Moneris, you may not be running the correct / latest version of dsiclientx.ocx

See also

Computer freezes, locks up or reboots when attempting to make a transaction

Ensure you are not using a USB to Serial connector. PINpad and USB voltages do not match.

No response from PIN Pad

Ensure your a not running your PINPAD over wireless. We support Terminal Services via wireless, because there is not data being transmitted, just screen and keyboard, however PINPADs transmit data. Wireless networks will drop or delay data much more often than wired networks.

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