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Industry Mandated SHA/TLS Updates

More than likely, your merchants have received letters from their banks/processors notifying them of Security Updates, Shut-Off Dates, and Required Action Steps. These notifications are unique and independent of EMV standards. Failure to prepare won’t result in a shift in liability; it will result in a complete disruption of service. Please read below to ensure that you and your merchants are prepared to avoid a shut-down in processing.

What is this all about?

The entire industry is shifting to newer security protocols. Previously used SHA-1 and TLS 1.0/SSL 3 have proven to be vulnerable to certain attacks. SHA-1 certificates are scheduled to expire and processors are migrating to SHA-2 and TLS 1.2. Deadlines vary by processor and are subject to change at their discretion.

What do I need to do?

Datacap has been updating our payment applications since we learned of the planned changes. See below to see if your merchants will be affected.

Moneris customers MUST upgrade to 5.06.10 prior to October 26 2016. Version 5.05.05 will not work. This will require purchase of an upgraded deployment Id from your Windward Account Manager

Paymentech Term must update or upgrade to Paymentech Term - PNS 5.06.10 Paymentech Netconnect URL’s have been changed to and These new URLs support only SHA-2 certificates and TLS 1.2.
:!:This is important to note because Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 do not support TLS 1.2. which means if they are using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 as their netepay server, they will have to move it to a different machine or upgrade it.

Version 5.05 and above installed after February 1, 2015

  • No Action Required

Version 5.05 installed before February 1, 2015

  • Close the batch, Uninstall NETePay, and Download the latest instance (no upgrade fees)

Versions Below 5.05

  • Upgrade to latest version of NETePay via PSCS. This will require purchase of an upgraded deployment Id from your Windward Account Manager
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