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Payment Processing Options - United States


Sterling Payment Technologies

  • Sterling Payments (US)

  • No additional software required.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • PIN Debit Card Processing, PINPads required.
  • EBT (food stamps), PINPads required.
  • Free Gift card processing.
  • Check Verification and Guarantee.
  • TCP/IP Only
  • Online Reporting.
  • :!:Not available in Speedypos at this time.
  • EMV available Soon.

Sterling Payments Technical Information

datacap NETePay

:!: SpeedyPOS does NOT support datacap NETepay. Mercury Shield / Transentry is the only integrated platform for SpeedyPOS at this time. :!:

datacap NETepay must be purchased from Windward Software.

  • Credit Card Processing.
  • PIN Debit Card Processing, PINPads required.
  • Check and Gift processing may be available.
  • TCP/IP Only
  • Multiple locations and/or multiple merchant numbers require multiple installs/purchases of datacap netepay. Each netepay must be installed on a different computer.

Use with the following unsupported processors

  • ChasePayment (USA) (Host/Term†)
  • Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third) (Host)
  • First Data (FDMS) - BuyPass (HOST)
  • First Data (FDMS) - CardNet / North (Term†)
  • First Data (FDMS) - Concord / Atlanta Datawire (HOST)
  • First Data (FDMS) - Nashville / Envoy (Term†)
  • Global Payments US (Host/Term†)
  • Heartland Payments (Term†)
  • Elavon / Nova Information Systems. (Host/Term†)
  • World Pay (term†)
  • TSYS Vital Visanet (term†)
  • TSYS Vital Summit (Host)
  • Payment Processing Inc (PPI) (Host/term†)

† Terminal versions of datacap netepay store the batch on the netepay server. Batches must be closed manually by a clerk each day.

Installing datacap netepay.

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