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Payroll Update 2021

Windward Software has updated Windward System Five's Payroll Module to incorporate 2021 tax changes. By updating your Windward Payroll module you will ensure payroll calculations are accurate.

The S5 Payroll Downloader provides an easy way to update tax tables. This article will give you step by step instructions to update your payroll tax tables.

If you are not running Windward Payroll, you do not need to apply this update. This process is for on-premise installations of Windward System Five. If you are a System Five on Cloud customer contact Customer Care to schedule an update.


System Five version should be from May 10 2018 or greater to be able to update just Windward Payroll.

If your System Five version is not up to date, you need to update it. You can also call support to schedule an appoint or you can visit us online to schedule an Online Booking Appointment.

How to Update Payroll

  1. Download S5PayrollDownloader. (You will need to use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to download successfully.)

  2. NOTE: You may receive a security notification
    Ensure the program is published by Windward Software Systems Inc. and click on “Run”.

  3. Windward Payroll System Five Updater window will show up. Click on “Download Payroll”.

  4. A Download Complete should appear right below the 'Download Payroll' button. Then click on “Extract”.

  5. Choose the drive where Windward Payroll is installed and click on 'Search'.

  6. Ensure you have selected the correct path of bin location and click on 'Replace'.

    NOTE: The checkboxes changing to greyed indicates the copy is completed.

Checking Program version

To check your program version after an update, do the following.

  1. After signing into Windward Payroll click on the “System Settings” button and choose “About Payroll”.
  2. They will want to see your Payroll SYS Version or greater with a Tax Version of 2021-01-01.

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