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Pervasive Status 3012

The error is more famously known in SUPPORT as “Workstation cannot connect to the server” issue.

Page is under construction!! Article is not complete.

Pervasive Server is not running at the server


  • Go to Windows START button / RUN
  • Type in “services.msc” without the quotes and click OK button
  • Look for “Pervasive SQL Relational” & “Pervasive SQL Transactional” and make sure both are STARTED & AUTOMATIC

Pervasive is being blocked by the Firewall/Antivirus

  • Allow both Pervasive Ports through the Firewall: 1583 & 3351
  • Also check if Pervasive is not being blocked by the Antivirus Software.

The computer is unable to resolve HOSTNAME or via SERVERNAME

Domain Name System (DNS) problems can be narrowed down to a NETWORK problem. It can either be a computer problem or a network configuration problem. Either of which, digging down the CAUSE of the problem and troubleshooting is a near impossible task via remote.

Refer the problem to the customer's IT/Tech guy

You can search the web for a possible explaination or try this

As a form of a temporary workaround, you can create a map drive to the shared Windward folder by using the server's IP ADDRESS.

Step by step troubleshooting

  1. Ensure that System5 at the server and workstation are on the same version
  2. Ensure that the current Windows user logged in has permissions to read/write to the registry
  3. Check the firewall setting for pervasive ports on the affected workstation/s
  • You can also try to set “Windward” entry to have FULL PERMISSIONS to Everyone.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Windward
  • Right-Click on “Windward” / Permissions
  • Add button
  • Type “EVERYONE” and set FULL CONTROL

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Windward\System5

  1. Remove/Delete the path to System5
  2. Then go and link it back to the dataset
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