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Problem Description

When attempting to start the s5poll.exe application, the icon may appear briefly in the tray, then immediately disappear.


When this happens, it usually occurs after a recent System Five update. The polling application checks the data version on startup. If the data version of s5poll.exe does not match the data version of the data, the application will immediately quit.


  1. Ensure that the s5poll.exe application has been updated to the same version as System Five.
  2. Ensure that System Five has been run after an update and that any data conversion has already been performed.
  3. Check the ftp site (polling directories) for a pversion.txt file. If one exists, delete it.
  4. The file in the System5 Share directory contains a version.tx_ file. Ensure that the data version number in this file matches the data version in the System Five Help About menu.
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