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New Feature Round-up

Never Change These Polling Settings in a Live Polling Environment




Use System Five Polling


NEVER uncheck this check box in a live polling environment.

If it has been unchecked in the setup wizard on the main (head office) dataset, or if you discover that it is no longer checked, You MUST shut down S5Poll.exe on all servers, re-check the checkbox, AND re-create the remote datasets. DO NOT re-check the box without recreating the remote datasets. Doing so WILL CAUSE DATA CORRUPTION. Also you can not re-export missing batches. If invoices, Payments, Bills, and POs are missing, you must manually re-create them in the new dataset. You will also need to delete any batches waiting on the FTP, as they will contain data with bad information in it.

If it has been turned off in one of the remote locations datasets… You MUST turn off polling and recreate that dataset. Again, you will need to delete any batches coming from that location from the FTP, and any batches from head office to that location because these batches will contain bad data. All missing Invoices, Payments, Bills and POs for that location will also need to be manually recreated in that dataset and then polled back to head office.

Steve Wind November 30 / 2015
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